Side Worlds

by Karen Y Hamilton, 2017


As the years moved along, she began to                 drift

further and further from this world. Sidestepping

now and then into the others. She had always known

that they were there, had always heard the voices


of the women from those places spaces whispering

to her. Doors led to smoky forests and windows led

to stringy clouds and waves. She didn’t even have to

close her eyes anymore. Just step          sideways.


We need more white space, she said. More white

spaces in which to take a breath          and just drift

for a little bit. So she sat and added white space, listened

to the bird song and far off car hums and let herself step      to the side.


He wasn’t always there. Certainly not as much as in the

beginning, right after he died when he was everywhere yet

nowhere. There were those sometimes, and oh how she longed

for the sometimes, when he was waiting for her when she slipped


over. Hello beautiful, he would say. And his voice would echo

in her body for days afterwards – hello beautiful  hello beautiful  hello beautiful  

You think too much, one man told her. Another time another

place. So many dark places. But the dark led to side worlds and


the sometimes and          hello beautiful. It wasn’t like she hadn’t

tried to go sideways through the light. She did. But the light,

though wide and breathtaking, thinned quickly and led back

to the darkness. This was a comfort, soft and silk caressing her.

1-4-2017 7-29-51 AM


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